#NVJOB Name Generator Pro (Unity Asset)

#NVJOB Name Generator Pro is a class with a built-in base.
Seven types of generated names: Female Old, Female New, Male Old, Male New, Female Fantasy, Male Fantasy, Sci-Fi.

Number of different combinations of names:
Female Old (First and Second name) - 265788.
Female New (First and Second name) - 319608.
Male Old (First and Second name) - 231840.
Male New (First and Second name) - 264960.
Female Fantasy (First and Second name) - 5233200.
Male Fantasy (First and Second name) - 5497800.
Sci-Fi (One Name) - 18310600.

For Unity version of at least 2019.1.8 (64-bit)
Current version 1.1
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This asset has two simple examples showing how to work with a random name generator.
Over time, the database will be updated and new types of names will be added.


#NVJOB Name Generator Pro is a static public class.
NVNameGenPro.GiveAName(Type Name) - Get the name according to the selected type.
Type Name - (int) the type of name, there are currently 7 types of names (see list):
1 - Female Old Name.
2 - Female New Name.
3 - Male Old Name.
4 - Male New Name.
5 - Female Fantasy Name.
6 - Male Fantasy Name.
7 - Sci Fi Name.
using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; public class Example : MonoBehaviour { public int typeName = 7; // 7 - Sci Fi Name void Start() { string curentName = NVNameGenPro.Uppercase(NVNameGenPro.GiveAName(typeName)); GetComponent().text = curentName; print(curentName); } }
#NVJOB Name Generator Pro. Unity Asset.

#NVJOB Name Generator Pro. Unity Asset.

#NVJOB Name Generator Pro. Unity Asset.

#NVJOB Name Generator Pro. Unity Asset.
(C) Copyright 2016-2020 #NVJOB
Nicholas Veselov Unity Game Developer
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