Very old Xbox 360

This is a very old Xbox 360

This is a very old Xbox 360, I'm not sure if at least one live Xbox 360 of this revision is left. But my Xbox 360 still lives, but the GPU, CPU, and DVD drive have already been replaced in it.
This is actually a monster Frankenstein. This Xbox 360 is assembled from pieces of different consoles with different revisions. Despite the fact that once it was the original Xbox 360 Halo 3 Edition, I was happy when I purchased it.
I used to work in the service, and I had the opportunity to fix this Xbox 360, but only with the tools that I had on hand.
Microsoft took great care in protecting against piracy. For example, it was impossible to simply change the CPU, because in the Xbox firmware dump the CPU key was sewn up and when replacing the processor, I had to modify the firmware dump, it was very difficult to do, since I did not have the key from the previous processor. But despite all the difficulties, I did it. After several repairs, I improved the cooling system, but the Xbox 360 itself was not beautiful.
In 2014, I gave this Xbox 360 to my nephew, my nephew is still playing it.
He once told me, I hope this Xbox will work for another 20 years.
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