Web app for playing with a smart toy Furby

This is a web application for playing with the Furby smart toy through any browser (except IE).
The application was made during the repair of the toy itself (they have very bad motors).
I was wondering how toys communicate with each other and applications on mobile devices.
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The application works with any version of Furby, but has only basic basic functions. The application allows you to: put Furby to bed, feed Furby, sing songs, speak and make different sounds by Furby themselves.
For the application to work, you need to add sound. Furby must hear the commands.


Furby brand and logo are owned by HASBRO, INC. - https://hasbro.com, https://docs.hasbro.com/legal/terms
This project is licensed under GNU GPL v3.0
(C) Copyright 2016-2020 #NVJOB
Nicholas Veselov independent software and assets developer
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