Unity Viking Village + #NVJOB Water Shader, Dynamic Sky, STC

This is a demonstration of the work of #NVJOB shaders in conjunction with the Unity Viking Village.

Unity Viking Village + #NVJOB Water Shader, Dynamic Sky, STC. Free Unity Asset. #NVJOB Nicholas Veselov Unity Developer. Николай Веселов Unity Разработчик Санкт-Петербург.

Sinternai (game example). A bit of gameplay.

A bit of gameplay. This is an early version.

Unity Post Processing Stack Classic PPSC (Built-in Render Pipeline)

This is the first version ("classic") of the Post-processing stack that was removed from the Unity Asset Store due to incompatibility with newer Unity versions.
I introduced some changes that fix incompatibility with newer versions of Unity. I also reduced the size of the asset (size 3Mb).

Procedural Facial Microexpressions (Unity, Sinternai)

Demonstration of technology for procedural animation facial micro-expressions.
This technology includes: head rotation, eye movement, contraction of the muscles of the face. For Sinternai (game example).

ScreenShot (for Unity)

Script to create screenshots. You can take single screenshots and screenshots in automatic mode.

#NVJOB Shader for Unity SpeedTree. Old, Legacy

Customization of wind and other parameters of the shader.

#NVJOB SC Shaders Old, Legacy

BlinnPhong shader package.

One Night

This game is at an early stage of development.
It will be a small game, it will have a small town with several houses available for research, and a procedural forest.

Rain Voice Note

Voice notepad for typing using voice using a microphone (Speech To Text).
This is an open source WEB application made using CW Frame and Google Cloud Speech API.

NVGen - procedural world generation tools

NVGen is a set of scripts and tools for generating procedural worlds during the game. Worlds are not generated in the Unity editor, but in real time in the game itself.
All test builds of games based on NVGen are codenamed "Go to the light".

Lost Rain 001. Fallen World

Development stage: prototype (this project is temporarily frozen)
Survival actions. For Android.

Web app for playing with a smart toy Furby

This is a web application for playing with a smart toy Furby through any browser (except IE).
The application works with any version of Furby, but has only basic basic functions.

Transform bones during animation playback (for Unity)

Transforming bones using a script during animation playback. This simple script allows you to rotate an animated object.
Only works with Animation Type - Humanoid.

Spawn using Physics.RayCast (for Unity)

Random spawn of objects above the ground using Physics.RayCast.

Hide cursor in Unity

A small script to lock and hide the cursor in Unity.

S7-200 + Fast Encoder + Simple-Scada

Test of the old Simatic S7-200 PLC, working with the fast encoder, OPC PC Access OE and Simple-Scada.

Very old Xbox 360

This is a very old Xbox 360, I'm not sure if at least one live Xbox 360 of this revision is left. But my Xbox 360 still lives, but the GPU, CPU, and DVD drive have already been replaced in it...

Lite Explorer

File manager for 2 windows + notes.

(C) Copyright 2016-2020 #NVJOB
Nicholas Veselov - independent software and assets developer
Николай Веселов независимый разработчик Санкт-Петербург