#NVJOB Extra Maps Creator

#NVJOB Extra Maps Creator

This is a small program for creating Extra Textures (for SpeedTree 8, STC8, KX PBR Shader, and many other assets on the Unity Asset Store).
Channel packing is efficient because it allows the renderer to sample up to four grayscale maps that use the same UV coordinates with a single Texture fetch.
The resulting texture can be saved in 3 different formats: png, tiff, jpg.

For Windows
Languages: English
Current version 1.0.1
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Textures do not require prior preparation. When packaged, the size of all textures automatically changes to the size of the texture located in Channel R.
Example (for SpeedTree 8 or STC8). You have Smoothness, Metallic, and Occlusion texurs.
Add textures like this: Channel R - Smoothness, Channel G - Metallic, Channel B - Ambient Occlusion.
Choose a directory, name and file type. Click "Create".

This operation in various ways can be performed in most graphic editors. This program simply simplifies this process.

#NVJOB Extra Maps Creator
* The process of packing textures in a program is not an algorithm for processing in a graphical editor.
(C) Copyright 2016-2020 #NVJOB
Nicholas Veselov - independent software and assets developer
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