ESFS Easy Soundbar for Streaming

#NVJOB ESFS Easy Soundbar for Streaming

Easy Soundbar for Streaming is a small program for playing various sounds by pressing hot keys.
This program was specially developed for streamers.

Easy Soundbar for Streaming features:
- Playback of audio files (mp.3), a maximum of 20 files, two playlists.
- Midi piano, a simple piano for 7 notes and 2 sound signals (low and high frequency).
- The program reads the prepared text, up to 10 prepared phrases, the phrases can be changed while the program is running.

For Windows
Languages: English
Current version
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This project is licensed under DonateWare License
(C) Copyright 2016-2020 #NVJOB
Nicholas Veselov - independent software and assets developer
Николай Веселов независимый разработчик Санкт-Петербург