Rain Benchmark

Benchmark for testing the performance of a personal computer.
The benchmark consists of 5 basic tests. Has a small file size of 20MB.


CW Frame

CW Frame is a free program for quickly and easily creating desktop WEB applications based on the Chrome browser.
CW Frame forms a window from the Chrome browser itself, the main advantages of this approach are the small size of the application (4500kb), the ability to use the Google API without the Google API Key (for example, voice recognition), the ability to create an application from almost any site.

Aim Desktop

Work more efficiently on your projects with the help of this lightweight and utility that displays various useful visual guides on your computer's screen.
Helps you better focus on your projects with the aid of a typical 2x2 grid and a goal-ruler.

BALL 3079

Ball 3079 is a small game with complex gameplay, but not requiring much time. The game is well suited for quickly spending time anywhere, to control the game you need only one hand. In this game there is nothing superfluous, you immediately start the game and start playing.

Rain Widget SRM

Text-to-Speech. This widget reads any selected text by voice. Also control the volume.

Rain Voice Memo

A utility for cyclical reminder of any event. The utility displays a text message and reads it in a voice.
This utility can serve as a motivator.

Rain Memo Widget

Widget for desktop, for notes and reminders.
The recording is immediately saved and will not be lost after the widget is closed.

Easy Soundbar for Streaming

Easy Soundbar for Streaming is a small program for playing various sounds by pressing hot keys.
This program was specially developed for streamers.
Playback of audio files (mp.3), a maximum of 20 files, two playlists.
Midi piano, a simple piano for 7 notes and 2 sound signals (low and high frequency).
The program reads the prepared text, up to 10 prepared phrases, the phrases can be changed while the program is running.

#NVJOB ESFS Easy Soundbar for Streaming

#NVJOB Extra Maps Creator

This is a small program for creating Extra Textures (for SpeedTree 8, STC8, KX PBR Shader, and many other assets on the Unity Asset Store).

#NVJOB Extra Maps Creator

VirtualBox Hide

A small utility that allows you to hide VirtualBox virtual machine windows from the desktop and taskbar.

(C) Copyright 2016-2020 #NVJOB
Nicholas Veselov - independent software and assets developer
Николай Веселов независимый разработчик Санкт-Петербург