#NVJOB Nicholas Veselov Developer

About me

I am an independent developer.
By training, I'm a Radio Mechanic with honors. I know electrical engineering very well.
I became interested in electrical engineering and programming since childhood.
Since 2005 I have been working in the IT field.

I worked on many different jobs and got a lot of experience in different directions.
I do programming, I write programs and utilities, I develop industrial automation and gadgets.
I also develop games, but I mainly write various modules and invent various scripts and shaders.
On this site are published my work, which I developed for myself.

#NVJOB - is a hashtag that I use to tag my work. N - Nicholas, V - Veselov, JOB - job. By this hashtag you will find me and my projects in any search engine.

Development of games, applications, assets, scripts and shaders on Unity.
Application development in C #, Autoit, C ++.
Website development.
Arduino sketches. Writing programs for mobile and desktop platforms for working with Arduino.
Development of automation of industrial lines.


Russia, St. Petersburg
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Nicholas Veselov independent software and assets developer
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